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Where are you located?

We are an private clinic located in North India, in Chandigarh, around 250 kms north of New Delhi.

Do you provide online consultations?

Please use the contact us link for any advise of a general nature. While we do not guarantee a response, it will be our endeavour to answer as many questions as possible.. If you need prompt response and are willing to pay for the same, please contact using Just Answer OR using Kasamba. We have successfully answered thousands of questions online using these services.

Can I get myself operated/ checked at your clinic?

Yes, you can. Please fix up an appointment by using the contact us form. A map is also provided for easy access to the clinic.

What is the meaning of the word Charak?

Charak is the name of the founding father of Indian System of medicine. You could call him the first renowned Medical Specialist in India! He lived around 5 th century B.C. and wrote the founding book for Ayurveda titled “Charaka Samhita”.

What eye surgeries are done at your Clinic?

We have a full fledged exclusive eye O.T. with Dr. Poonam Gupta who is a vastly experienced eye surgeon, she is assisted by well trained Para-medical staff who are able to provide cutting edge technology and excellent results at very competitive prices. At present our stress is on Phaco-emulsification (stitchless cataract surgery) though we are performing many other eye surgeries too. For further details about any specific procedures & their costs, do contact us.

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