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Charak Clinics are envisioned by Dr. Gaurav to promote parent education as the key to child health! We are a Pediatric out patient clinic (OPD) in Chandigarh, North India . This website is another step in our effort to improve interaction with our patrons.

An exclusive OPD clinic

Charak Clinics are envisioned by Dr. Gaurav to promote parent education as the key to child health! We are an exclusive OPD clinic for children serving the needs of Mohali & Chandigarh since 2002. Dr. Gaurav Gupta is the Paediatrician in charge.

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We Deliver our Promises

Charak Clinics concentrates on caring for its patient's total health and wellness. Through preventative health checks, exercise, diet programs, and regular examinations, we will help your kids enjoy a lifetime of good health.

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Best in Class Facilities

We have a laboratory collection centre, nebuliser for asthma , human glue for stitch-less treatment of trauma, comprehensive vaccination program including the latest vaccines,& an observation area for management of acute emergencies.

About Us

Give your child a loving experience, visit us.

From simple procedures
to complex surgeries
Newborn Care

Newborn Care

Taking care of newborn kids infants or toddlers in a critical condition is one of our main specialization.

Immunization/ Vaccination Clinic

Immunization/ Vaccination Clinic

We offer wide variety of vaccinations for your child to be free from common problems and diseases.

Allergy & Asthma Clinic

Allergy & Asthma Clinic

We help diagnose your child's asthma trigger conditions and prepare a solid asthma treatment plan.

Growth & Psychology Clinic

Growth & Psychology Clinic

We can help determine best nutrition plan for your child to help growth.

Dr Gaurav Gupta

Dr. Gaurav Gupta

Dr. Gaurav Gupta is the Consultant Paediatrician-in-charge & is committed to early disease diagnosis & treatment and prevention of serious illness in children using a thorough systematic approach. He believes strongly that proper diet, exercise & lifestyle issues are crucial to a child's well being.
Spiritual Connection
Dr. Gupta, as always you where right on point, as described below in my previous rating. Great communication. Thanks for answering all my questions in a timely manner. Dr. Gupta you are definitely my source of medical knowledge in the future and I ‘m recommending you to several of my friends.
Dr. Gupta was prompt in responding to my emails. I have a complex medical history, and it would be difficult for any dr. to advice with accuracy what direction to take, but I felt he gave me some good insight to illnesses that haven’t been perused. I will return if necessary for more online advice.